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Increase Productivity: Hire a Freelancer

Posted by Ophelia Maynard on November 1, 2010

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that a freelancer is recommending hiring freelancers, or independent contractors, as we’re also called. However, there are legitimate reasons to go this route, and increasing productivity is at the top of the list. You may feel you can’t afford to hire someone, not even on a freelance basis. The truth is, can you afford not to? Here are some guidelines on how to incorporate freelancers into your endeavors to help you become more successful.

1. Set a budget. You may not be in a position to contract with someone on an hourly basis for ongoing work, and most freelancers would understand that you can’t endorse a blank check. Setting a budget is a good way to keep costs under control while you increase your productivity.

2. Employ effective communication. Provide detailed instructions, particularly in the beginning of your business relationship while you’re both getting used to each other. Email is easy and convenient, and probably the best way to stay in touch with the freelancer you’ve employed. A good freelancer will provide regular updates to let you know where they are on tasks you’ve assigned.

3. Be open-minded. A freelancer can accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time. Don’t think in terms of full-time or even part-time weekly wages. You’re hiring someone to work on an hourly basis. That could mean 2, 4, or 10-hour increments at a time. Because you only pay for time billed instead of coffee breaks, down time, lunch breaks, etc., that project you thought would last for four hours may only end up costing you a three hour fee.

4. Try them out. If you’re still not certain you would like to turn over a particular task(s) to a freelancer, try them out. Instead of hiring someone to work on the full project, see what they can accomplish in a couple of hours to determine if the work product is satisfactory. If you’re not completely satisfied or still have reservations, you would have only spent an amount associated with two hours, instead of getting stuck in a long term agreement.

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